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Physics and Biology in Medicine Graduate Program



PhD Program

The Physics and Biology in Medicine IDP is an interdisciplinary program; therefore we are looking for applicants who are interested in crossing the traditional boundaries between disciplines to develop new methods and scientific knowledge that are related to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Each specialty involves varying amount of emphasis in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and engineering. Therefore, we strongly encourage applications from students with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Applicants to the Physics and Biology in Medicine graduate program must have a:

  • Bachelor's degree in a science or engineering related field.
  • Biology or its subspecialties (e.g. molecular biology, etc.)
  • Chemistry or its subspecialties (e.g. biochemistry, etc.)
  • Physics or its subspecialties (e.g. medical physics, biophysics, etc.)
  • Mathematics or its subspecialties (e.g. computational methods, etc.)
  • Engineering or Computer Sciences or any of their subspecialties (e.g. biomedical engineering, nuclear engineering, etc.).