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Physics and Biology in Medicine Graduate Program



Final Oral Examination (Defense of the Dissertation)

Every doctoral degree program requires the completion of an approved dissertation that demonstrates the student's ability to perform original, independent research and constitutes a distinct contribution to knowledge in the principal field of study.

The format and procedures will be consistent with University requirements. (See UCLA Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines.)

Progress Update Meeting: This meeting is an informal meeting whose purpose is to review the doctoral student's progress toward completion of the degree. This meeting may include a review of progress of individual specific aims of the proposed dissertation, timelines and other relevant issues as determined by the student's doctoral committee. This meeting is required to occur at least annually from the time of advancing to candidacy (passing the first oral qualifying examination) until the final defense. If the time between advancement to candidacy and final defense is less than one year, then this meeting is not required.

All internal members of the doctoral committee are required to be present at this meeting; external members are highly recommended to attend but their presence is not required. Doctoral Dissertation Manuscript: The body of the dissertation manuscript (which excludes "preliminary pages") should be provided to all committee members a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the Final Oral Examination (Defense of the Dissertation) date.

You must be registered the previous quarter. Submit a memo to SAO with the final defense date, committee members, title, room, and location. You are responsible for making arrangements regarding equipment and refreshments. Flyers and notices will be sent to all faculty and students. (The Final Defense is open to all). The dossier is given to the Committee Chair. The dossier is returned to the SAO after the final oral exam has been completed.