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Physics and Biology in Medicine

Careers & Alumni


Graduates of the program pursue careers as:

  • Faculty members in academic institutions
  • Independent researchers in industry or governmental environments.
  • Professional medical physicists in clinical environments

Graduates from our program are highly recruited and many have academic appointments in university associated medical centers, or they are in post-doctoral scholarship, residency or MD programs. Our expectations are that they will obtain future careers and acquire appointments at Stanford, Harvard, UCSF, UCSD, UC Davis, San Diego State University, University of Washington, UT-MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Dallas Medical Center, UT (Tenn.), Washington University in St. Louis, University of Virginia, Virginia, Commonwealth, Duke University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and even USC (our crosstown rival), Georgetown, Emory University Medical School, SUNY, UCLA, Columbia University, Yale, Henry Ford Hospital (Michigan), Virginia Brookhaven National Laboratory, McGill University and Johns Hopkins. We have also had a number of graduates who have faculty positions in universities outside the United States (e.g. Taiwan, Malaysia). We have had graduates who were sponsored by various branches of the armed forces and have positions within those agencies.

Also, our graduates have been heavily recruited for a range of positions within industry including GE Healthcare or GE Global Research, Siemens Medical Solutions, Toshiba America Medical Systems as well as companies like Merck, Amgen, Syncor International, and Varian. Our graduates are also employed by non-medical companies such as Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems and Raytheon.

Positions in government agencies and other non-profits such as the FDA, NIH (NCI), NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine and New York Stem Cell Foundation have been attracted our graduate students.

Because of the attractiveness of the Southern California area, many of our graduates have accepted employment in local institutions, such as Cedars-Sinai, Torrance Memorial, City of Hope, Kaiser Permanente or other private firms like OnCURE (that provide physics services to institutions in the area).